RT America - May 23, 2018

Negative news is fake news? Trump says yes

President Trump has suggested revoking the press credentials of organizations he considers "fake news" sparking outrage from both left and right leaning news sources. Former White House ethics director Walter Shaub referred to this as another one of Trump’s “authoritarian impulses”. Robin Anderson and RT America’s Manila Chan analyze.

Trump: ‘Spygate’ is biggest political scandal ever

President Donald Trump has doubled down on his belief an FBI spy infiltrated his 2016 presidential campaign, CALLING the scandal “Spygate” on Twitter. Talk radio host Mark Simone and attorney M. Reese Everson joint RT America’s Ed Schultz to discuss the fallout.

US military: We’re running out of bombs
A new report has found the United States could be running low on bombs. Military officials are concerned they may not be able to replenish the supply. RT America’s Anya Parampil explains.