RT America - May 14, 2018

US ‘blew up two-state solution’ with embassy move says Journalist

The US, in a largely isolated move, has chosen to move its embassy to Jerusalem in solidarity with Israel. This comes as Israeli forces reportedly killed over 50 Palestinians in Gaza, causing global outrage. Journalist and author Max Blumenthal joins RT America’s Manila Chan to discuss the impact of the record violence and embassy move.

Royal News? Qatar monarchy eyes Newsmax
The Gulf Kingdom of Qatar is reportedly seeking to purchase a stake in the right-wing media outlet Newsmax, a conservative news outlet with Trump connections, according to a Politico report. This story also revealed an odd twist involving a rapper and entertainment executive. RT America’s Anya Parampil has this story.

Brain Tumors on Rise, Raising Cellphone Use Concerns

The rate of malignant brain tumors in England has doubled in recent years, according to the UK National Statistics Office. Researchers are looking into the use of mobile devices for clues, RT America’s Trinity Chavez reports.