RT America - May 10, 2018

JCPOA Aftermath: Israel to go to war with Iran?

Not long after President Donald Trump announced his decision to withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal, Israel attacked what it claims are "Iranian targets." These developments could lead to an unprecedented military confrontation in the region. RT America’s Anya Parampil explains.

Bolton demonizing Iran over false JCPOA claims says

As the fallout from Trump withdrawing the US from the Iran nuclear deal continues, Phyllis Bennis, Program Director of New Internationalism at the Institute for Policy Studies, highlights the false claims being aimed at Iran in the wake of the withdrawal.

Peace or Nukes: Trump on the Koreas VS Iran Deal

South Korean President Moon Jae is suggesting President Trump should be given a Nobel Peace Prize. Meanwhile, Trump is dismantling the Iran Nuclear Deal - a landmark achievement from the Obama administration and key western allies. To analyze this RT America’s Manila Chan is joined by democratic strategist Robin Biro and republican strategist Scottie Nell Hughes.