RT America - May 4, 2018

White Helmets: State Department freezes funding

Funding for the White Helmets has been frozen by the US State Department, due to an unclear directive and missed deadline from the Trump Administration. RT America’s Dan Cohen takes a closer look into the controversial group which has recently come under increased scrutiny.

Syrian script was written in forgotten war on Yugoslavia

By now largely forgotten, the 1990s NATO intervention in Yugoslavia paved the way for US-led regime change wars and “humanitarian” bombings: first Iraq, then Libya, and now Syria. RT’s Yulia Shapovalova looks back at 1999, and Nebojsa Malic talks with RT America’s Anya Parampil about failing to learn from history.

Criticizing Kanye:  Hip-Hop artist questions West’s racial comments

After a flood of controversial tweets and statements indicating a support of US President Donald Trump, award-winning hip-hop artist Kanye West has found himself at the center of a backlash. A Detroit radio station has banned his music and longtime fans publicly question the rapper’s state of mind. Hip-Hop artist and activist Yarima Karama joins RT America’s Ashlee Banks to take a deeper dive into the latest.