RT America - March 14, 2018

PA-18 special election: Democratic victory?

Democratic candidate Conor Lamb has an estimated 700 vote lead on Republican Rick Saccone. Pennsylvania's 18th congressional district has been in the hands of Republicans since the mid-90s. For more on the potential upset, RT America’s Ed Schultz speaks with political commentator Steve Malzberg.


Visionary Stephen Hawking dies at 76

World-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking died in his home in Cambridge, England on Tuesday night. Hawking was a monumental figure in astronomy and astrophysics for decades. He outlived his ALS prognosis by more than half a century. RT America’s Manila Chan reports.


Gun violence: ‘Enough is enough’

Accused Florida shooter Nicholas Cruz entered a not guilty plea Wednesday on all 34 charges he faces. Meanwhile on Capitol Hill, the House overwhelmingly passed a bill to fund security at schools. RT America’s Ed Schultz speaks with Erica Thomas, Georgia state representative.