RT America - February 22, 2018

Syria ‘powder keg’ building as US denies involvement with Kurds
Reports indicate Kurdish militias have been driven out of several villages in Northern Syria’s Afrin as Turkish forces move into the district. Syrian government troops have now arrived to back the Kurdish militias. RT America’s Manila Chan explains.

Debate: Should teachers wield guns in US schools?
As the gun debate rages in America, the NRA head advocated arming teachers in a speech at the annual conservative conference CPAC. RT America’s Ed Schultz continues the conversation with chairman of the Committee to Protect the President Ted Harvey and former Georgia state representative and prosecuting attorney LaDawn Jones.

Top Democrats seek to expand FBI’s budget to counter alleged Russian interference
Democratic senators Chuck Schumer, Nanci Pelosi, and Amy Klobuchar are lobbying to expand the FBI’s budget by $300 million to stop potential Russian interference in the upcoming midterm elections. RT America’s Daniel Cohen reports.