RT America -- February 9, 2018

Russian athletes’ appeals rejected for 2018 Winter Games

A last-minute appeal from 45 Russian athletes was denied by the Court of Arbitration for Sport. The athletes were recently cleared of doping charges, but will not be eligible to compete in the 2018 Winter Games. Dan Cohen has the story.

Palestinian refugee camp prepares for UNRWA cuts by Trump

The Trump administration has pledged to severely reduce American support to the United Nations Refugee Works Agency, provoking harsh condemnation from the international community. Russia, Kuwait and nine European countries are speeding up their donations to UNRWA to fill the gap left by the Trump administration, Anya Parampil reports.

Guam caught in rising US-North Korean tensions

The Pacific island of Guam continues to feel the weight of US military presence, while being caught in the middle of potential war between the United States and North Korea. RT America’s Joseph Ricci has more.