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19 Jan, 2018 23:57

RT America -- January 19, 2018

Shutdown will hurt a lot more people than it will help’ – Ed Schultz
If the Senate fails to come to an agreement Thursday night, the entire federal government will go on hiatus. RT’s Ed Schultz, host of “News with Ed,” weighs in on the consequences

‘Stomp on their water’: Border Patrol agents interfere w/ humanitarian aid – report
The humanitarian group “No More Deaths” has accused the US Border Patrol agents of destroying aid in the US-Mexico borderlands. The destruction of food and water left for migrants attempting to cross into the US illegally contributes to their death toll – 239 deaths were discovered in 2017 alone, which is said to be a fraction of the total. US Border Patrol has responded that they are “also a humanitarian agency” and that destroying supplies left for migrants goes against their policy. RT America’s Dan Cohen has the story.

Nothing new’ in ‘new’ nat. security strategy – Ron Paul Institute
The Pentagon has released a summary of its new national security strategy. Terrorism is considered to be largely vanquished, and the main focus of the strategy is instead strategic competition with Russia and China. US Daniel McAdams of the Ron Paul Institute tells RT America’s Anya Parampil that the strategy amounts to a “return to the Wolfowitz doctrine of the mid ‘90s,” wherein the goal is for elites to continue spending trillions on the US military spending and maintain US supremacy around the world.