RT America --November 02, 2017

Russia didn’t hack US election, tech giants afraid of govt – NSA whistleblower
The US Congress continues to pressure companies like Facebook, Google and Twitter to ban RT and Russian-linked ads on their platforms. Today, NSA whistleblower William Binney shared his thoughts with RT news producer Priya Reddy on why the national security state is aggressively targeting these ads.

Can Dems fix their Clinton problem?
Former DNC chair Donna Brazile has reversed her position on Clinton and her loss – once an apologist for Clinton’s “hubris and arrogance,” she has at last admitted that the Clinton machine was in control of the party long before she was the nominee. How does the Democratic Party overcome its system of corrupt super-delegates “afraid of the money?” Political analyst Rob Taub and Republican strategist Chris Neiweem join “News with Ed” to weigh in.