RT America -- October 27, 2017

Spain dreads losing power over wealthiest region, Catalonia – professor

Professor of Iberian and Hispanic studies Thomas Harrington says that because Catalan is Spain’s wealthiest region, Spain is very worried about losing economic power if Catalonia becomes independent. He also talks with RT America about the legitimacy of votes in Catalonia and predicts mass disobedience. He adds that the Spanish government may find it’s not easy to impose their will, however.

It wasn’t Russians who killed my brother – BLM activist

As it gets more difficult for the establishment press to prove “Russiagate” through any direct collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government, they’ve turned to allege a different kind of election interference on behalf of the Russians. Now a flurry of stories have surfaced, claiming social media accounts “linked to the Russian government” stirred racial tensions by promoting events connected to the Black Lives Matter movement.