RT America -- September 19, 2017

Diplomacy vs. destruction

Former CIA agent Jack Rice and former Pentagon official Michael Maloof join “News with Ed” to offer their reactions to President Donald Trump’s speech before the UN General Assembly, widely criticized for its threatening tone and ominous bellicosity.

DEBATE: Heartless healthcare vs. ‘one bad experiment’

The Graham-Cassidy bill, the GOP’s latest stab at healthcare reform, has enflamed both sides of the aisle. Proponents warn that retaining Obamacare will lead ultimately to a single payer system and ultimately rationed care (“death panels”). Opponents reply that the bill’s desired reforms attack the frail, sick and elderly and will result in millions of Americans losing health coverage. Democratic superdelegate Mitch Ceasar, Republican National Comitteeman Shawn Steel and TV/radio host Steve Malzberg join “News with Ed” to offer their insights.