RT America -- August 31, 2017

'The swamp has won' – fmr US diplomat

Amid larger problems in his administration, President Donald Trump appears to have “thrown in the towel” as far as Afghanistan goes. Trump has “no strategy” in Afghanistan, according to former US diplomat Jim Jatras, who joins RT America’s Manila Chan to argue that Trump has doubled down on prior administrations' policies and that the solution to instability is not "for the US to babysit for the rest of history.”

US ‘indirectly approves’ of Kurdish independence – professor

The city of Kirkuk in Northern Iraq has approved participation in a Sept. 25 referendum on Kurdish independence. The City Councils’ Arab and Turkmen members boycotted the vote, while Iraq and its neighbors strongly oppose the upcoming referendum. Nuri Korkmaz, assistant professor at Bursa Technical University, joins RT America’s Manila Chan to discuss the details of the Kurds’ bid for nationhood and sovereignty.