RT America -- August 1, 2017

DEBATE: ‘A dad sticking up for his kid?’

The Washington Post is reporting that President Donald Trump dictated a statement for Donald Trump Junior in response to his meetings with a Russian lawyer during the 2016 campaign came under scrutiny. Brad Bauman of the Pastorum Group and conservative commentator Rory Reily-Topping join “News with Ed” to debate the extent and implications of the President’s involvement the letter

War w/ N. Korea: ‘Massive annihilation like we have never seen’ – fmr CIA agent

The Pentagon is reporting highly unusual activity near the coast of North Korea. The US defense department says it detected an ejection test from a North Korean submarine. RT America’s Manila Chan reports on the mounting threat from North Korea and the US reaction. Then Jack Rice, former CIA agent, joins to offer his perspective on the US response and the potential outcomes of a second Korean war.