RT America -- July 26, 2017

Foxconn coming to Wisconsin – but there’s a catch

Foxconn, known for abusive labor practices abroad, intends to build a factory in Wisconsin. President Donald Trump touted the $10 billion investment Wednesday, calling the firm “one of the truly great companies of the world” and anticipating “thousands of American jobs.” Foxconn will receive a hefty $3 billion tax incentive, paid for by the state of Wisconsin. Amy Tarkanian, former chair of Nevada’s GOP, joins “News with Ed” to discuss.

Senators ‘willing to cast ceremonial votes but not real votes’ – congressman

The Senate rejected a proposal Wednesday to repeal parts of Obamacare without providing replacement legislation. Senate leadership is now trying to craft a scaled down “repeal” that protects preexisting conditions and reduces Medicaid cuts. US Representative Kevin Cramer (R-Nevada) joins “News with Ed” to offer his insider perspective on Congress’s struggle over healthcare.