RT America -- July 07, 2017

CNN hires pro-Syrian Al-Qaeda propagandist, erases him from credits 
Bilal Abdul Kareem, an American living in regions of Syria controlled by the Al-Nusra Front terrorist group, has been referred as "our media man" by top Al-Qaeda clerics. So why did CNN hire him to work on an undercover documentary project, then erase him from the credits? "They didn't care and just wanted to further the regime change editorial line," says author and investigative journalist Max Blumenthal, who joins RT America's Manila Chan to discuss his research into Kareem.

US coalition 'looks the other way' when ISIS takes cities ‒ journalist 
In the past few months, US-backed forces in Syria near At Tanf have attacked Syrian forces while claiming self-defense. Yet, they've done little fighting against Islamic State despite the United States’ only stated objective in Syria being to destroy the group, according to journalist Sharmine Narwani, who says the US has a history of “looking the other way” when Islamic State captures Syrian cities.