RT America -- June 23, 2017

Brexit may hurt UK's national security 

Though Brexit hit the stock markets hard, the effects that the UK’s divorce from the EU might have on the its ability to deter terrorist attacks is unknown. The UK relies in part on military and intelligence cooperation with its EU and NATO partners. Critics of the isolationist Brexit fear damage to those working relationships. RT America’s Natasha Sweatte has more as part of the special coverage of Brexit’s one-year anniversary.

We need ‘a People’s Brexit’ – fmr Scottish MP

To many on the ascendant British left, the EU remains “an undemocratic, bloated bureaucracy,” in the words of Tommy Sheridan, former member of Scotland’s Parliament. The same populist forces behind Jeremy Corbyn no doubt contributed to the historic Brexit referendum. Critics of the anti-Brexit campaign point out that the manipulative media tries to “make it about racism” but fail to mention that the progressive reforms dreamt by the Labor Party cannot legally be accomplished within the framework of the European Union. Tommy Sheridan as well as British politician and radio and television host George Galloway joins RT America’s Brexit anniversary panel to outline their shared progressive, labor-oriented argument for Brexit.