RT America -- June 22, 2017

DEBATE: ‘Heartless bill’ vs. ‘system that’s killing people’

The long-awaited secret Senate healthcare bill was publically released Thursday amid criticism that its preparation excluded Democratic voices. Senator Chuck Schumer (D-New York) called the measure “heartless” and “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Voting is set for as soon as a week and is expected to fall along strict party lines with zero support from the left. Four dissenting GOP senators have threatened to vote against the bill, and Republicans can only afford two votes against, if the bill has any hope of passing. Brian Keane, president of SmartPower, radio host Ben Kissel and Ed Martin, president of the Eagle Forum, join RT America’s Manila Chan to debate the looming specter of GOP health care reform.

"Infrastructure won't last long enough for cleanup" at US's 'most toxic site'

The infrastructure is not going to last long enough for the cleanup," Doug Shoop, an official at the Department of Energy said of the problem-plagued Hanford nuclear site. This comes after dozens of injuries, evacuations, and radiation leaks cost Washington state billions. RT America's Alexey Yaroshevsky has more.