RT America -- June 7, 2017

First external terrorist attack may set dark precedent in Iran

Former Pentagon official Michael Maloof joins RT America's Manila Chan to talk the jarring effects and implications of the first time in years that an outside-group took credit for a terrorist attack in Iran.

Sledgehammers and feather dusters; Chafee criticizes media's approach

Former Democratic US senator and presidential candidate Lincoln Chafee questioned the media's attention afforded to the “non-issue,” of Russian influence on the 2016 US presidential election. More pressing news was tackled with a "feather duster," rather than the "sledgehammer" it deserved, he added, criticizing the Russian election interference story in an interview with RT America's Manila Chan.

DEBATE: Did Trump commit obstruction of justice?

The Senate Intelligence Committee has published fired FBI Director James Comey's prepared remarks the day before his testimony on Capitol Hill tomorrow about his ousting by President Donald Trump. GOP strategist Chris Neiweem and radio host Ben Kissel join RT America's Manila Chan to debate.