RT America -- May 27, 2017

US airstrikes mean ‘inevitable & pre-meditated’ civilian deaths – author 
A US airstrike targeting two Islamic State snipers resulted in at least 101 civilian deaths, in part due to “poor weather,” according to the Pentagon. Despite the huge loss of life, the Pentagon stated that it meets their standard for proportionality. Author, Nicolas J.S. Davies, joins RT America’s Manila Chan to discuss issues of counting the dead in the Middle East and media portrayals of conflict in Iraq, Syria and Yemen. He argues that US claims of morally superior violence only fuels the cycle of terrorism and “collateral damage.”

Manchester bomb shows ‘level of sophistication’ – US Rep 
The Manchester terrorist attack on Monday was the worst in the UK since 2005. The bomb’s composition “might suggest its maker had foreign training,” according to US Rep Michael McCaul (R-Texas) who chairs the House Homeland Security Committee. It reproduces a familiar cycle: just as the UK’s role in the invasion of Iraq was a precursor to the 2005 suicide-bombings, the UK role in toppling Qaddafi in Libya set the stage for the Manchester attack. RT America’s Anya Parampil reports.