RT America -- April 7, 2016

Islamic State seizes opportunity to launch offensive after US airstrikes in Syria

After the US launched airstrikes on a Syrian airbase, the governor of Homs province expressed concern that extremist groups, including Islamic State, will capitalize on any future US attacks on Syrian army targets. The airbase the US attacked was critical in the fight to push back the Islamic State, he said. RT correspondent Lizzie Phelan reports from the ground. Then former Pentagon official Michael Maloof offers his insights and expertise.

‘A major turning point’: What Syrians say about Trump’s Syria Strike

The US decision to attack Syria’s Shayrat airbase near Homs province shook the world, provoking international condemnation and encouragement alike. But how are the Syrians themselves responding to the attack? Freelance journalist Alaa Ebrahim joins Ed Schultz, host of “News with Ed” and RT America’s Anya Parampil, reporting live from Damascus, Syria, and describes both official reactions and the popular response, from Assad-loyalists and from those who support the rebels.