RT America -- March 23, 2017

GOP’s message is ‘don’t get sick & if you get sick, die quickly’ – Fmr congressman
President Trump is finding out that healthcare is no ordinary business deal. He's getting a rude lesson in legislation, with recent estimates that 24 million Americans would lose insurance under his plan and single policy holders would see a 15% increase in premiums by 2018. Now the House vote has been postponed for lack of support. Former Congressman Alan Grayson (D-Florida) joins “News with Ed” to discuss the importance of affordable, universal, comprehensive healthcare.

DEBATE: When Russiagate is settled, who goes to jail?
On Thursday, President Donald Trump tweeted that mainstream media coverage of “the so-called Russia story” is “dishonest.” This comes on the heels of Rep. Devin Nunes’ briefing Trump on investigations into his surveillance claims. Trump’s epic struggle with “the fourth estate” shows no sign of cooling. Brad Bauman, former executive director of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, and Matt Keelen, president of the Keelen group, join “News with Ed” to lay out their predictions for the outcome of that struggle.