RT America -- March 3, 2017

Refugees fleeing Mosul a ‘looming crisis’ – fmr Pentagon official

With Russian assistance, Syria has liberated the historic city of Palmyra, wresting it from insurgents’ control. Meanwhile, US-backed coalition forces remain locked in intense combat with Islamic State fighters in the western part of the Iraqi city of Mosul. Civilians continue to flee the fighting at a rate of 4,000 people per day, adding to the already dire refugee crisis. Former Pentagon official Michael Maloof joins RT America’s Manila Chan to offer his insights and expertise.

If meeting with Russians is a crime, guess who else is guilty?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has preemptively recused himself from any future Justice Department probe into Trump's campaign, and former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn has resigned his position. Both moves were in response to the mainstream media’s outcry when their meetings with the Russian ambassador came under scrutiny. But how consistent is the mainstream media in those it targets over such meetings? RT correspondent Alexey Yaroshevsky breaks it down for us.