RT America -- November 02, 2016

Corporate media failed in every measure covering election’ – Mike Papantonio
The former head of the Democratic National Committee, Donna Brazile, is out at CNN after WikiLeaks revealed she was leaking debate questions to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. To discuss how the media has handled the 2016 elections, Ring of Fire radio host Mike Papantonio joins “News with Ed” and says, “The corporate media failed in every measure.”

‘Union vote will be overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton’ – fmr union leader 
Labor unions are pushing hard for members to go out and vote for Hillary Clinton. In Ohio, a key swing state, the labor vote makes up 20 percent of votes. To discuss, the former president of the Communication Workers of America, Larry Cohen, joins “News with Ed” and says, “The union cote will be overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton.”