RT America -- October 20, 2016

Most informative Clinton-Trump debate 
Donald Trump needed a strong debate performance to get closer to get closer to Hillary Clinton in the polls. With reaction to Clinton’s performance, Ed Schultz, host of “News with Ed,” speaks with Clinton surrogates Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood and Lily Eskelsen Garcia of the National Education Association, as well as Joel Benenson, chief strategist of the Hillary Clinton campaign. Then, Schultz speaks with retired generals Michael Flynn and Joseph Keith Kellogg, both Trump campaign advisers, for reaction to how Trump did in his final debate.

Is election over for Donald Trump? 
Democratic strategist Bud Jackson and former chair of the Missouri Republican Party Ed Martin join “News with Ed” to discuss how Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump fared in their final debate. Jackson says: “The election is over for Donald Trump,” while Martin believes “Trump pounded Hillary over and over on the issues.”