RT America -- September 20, 2016

Veteran opiate prescription up 4,000% in 10 yrs – is Big Pharma to blame?
The Department of Veterans Affairs has seen more than a 4,000 percent increase in prescriptions for opiate pain killers in the past decades for veterans. Critics argue it has created a generation of addicted vets and compounds the number committing suicide, currently at a rate of 22 per day. But does Big Pharma have responsibility for the crisis? RT America’s Manila Chan breaks it down.

If Snowden worked within system, he would have been arrested – John McAfee
The Washington Post says NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden should not be granted a presidential pardon from Barack Obama. This is despite the newspaper receiving a Pulitzer Prize for its reporting of the NSA leaks sent to the Post by Snowden. For more on this, “News With Ed” is joined by cybersecurity expert Edward Snowden.