RT America -- September 08, 2016

Clinton’s ideas for Syria match her track record in places like Libya - Jatras
For the first time, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump shared a stage Wednesday night, taking turns addressing military veterans and active duty armed forces in a “Commander-in-Chief Forum.” The event was slammed on social media for the failure of moderator Matt Lauer to challenge their often contradictory and false claims on US foreign policy. For more on this, former GOP Senate foreign policy advisor Jim Jatras joins “News With Ed.”

Apocalyptic worldviews and crazy talk are killing right-wing media – media consultant
The role of conservative talk radio in elections is well documented over the past 25 years, though the cast of right-wing regulars have had their struggles. The ratings and numbers aren’t what they used to be, and their audience is much older. Glenn Beck, in particular, has fallen on hard times, as he’s become plagued by lawsuits and revenue loss to the point that a lot of stations have turned him off. Worsening the situation for Beck, his close ties to former Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz have been heavily scrutinized. For more on this, “News With Ed” is joined by media consultant Holland Cooke.