RT America -- August 30, 2016

‘Obama fights China at expense of American workers’ – Ali Velshi
To discuss why President Obama is pushing so hard for the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) despite strong opposition from unions and even his own party, global affairs and economics journalist Ali Velshi joins “News with Ed.” Velshi says with TPP Obama is, “putting China’s back against the wall at the cost of American workers.”

‘Hillary Clinton promising amnesty in first 100 days, more of the same’ – Trump spokesperson  
Donald Trump is polling at nearly zero percent among African-American voters. Is there any way he can win with those kind of polling numbers? National spokesperson for the Donald Trump campaign, Katrina Pierson, joins “News with Ed” and says, “Trump is making a concerted effort to ask for the vote of African-Americans” and that Trump “wants to help those left unheard.”