RT America -- August 23, 2016

NSA Hacked: Foreign espionage or internal leak?   
A mysterious online group known as the “Shadow Brokers” is auctioning off malware and hacking tools that it says come from the National Security Agency (NSA). Is this a case of foreign espionage or did someone inside the NSA leak the secret files? To discuss, NSA whistleblower Bill Binney joins RT America’s Lindsay France and says an NSA employee could be behind the leak because “the NSA network is a closed network with encrypted data” and “if the FBI claims Russia hacked the NSA, they should provide proof.”  

‘American people are in revolt, rejecting the two dominant parties’ – Dr. Jill Stein
Green Party presidential nominee Dr. Jill Stein joins RT America’s Lindsay France in the FishTank for an in-depth discussion on Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, the pay-to-play atmosphere in Washington, and why Americans are fed up with the two major parties. Dr. Stein tells France that the “American people are being thrown under bus by political parties.”