RT America -- August 05, 2016

U.S air bases in Middle East possible next targets for ISIL – Israeli Hackers

A group of Israeli hackers have claimed to have broken into ISIL’s communications. The Israeli hackers came across a list of potential targets sent to over 500 followers for attacks which include U.S airbases in Kuwait, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia. Although the hackers were able to see the list of potential targets, it is impossible to trace who is on the receiving end of these messages. Former Pentagon official Michael Maloof states that “Europe is suffering from a lack of coordination with their intelligence services,” continuing to explain that France knew about the potential attack on a church in Normandy, where a priest was murdered in July, yet did not send any security to the church. RT’s Gayane Chichakyan has the story. 

FishTank: “American people are hungry for change” – expected Green Party VP

It’s day two of the national Green Party convention where activist Jill Stein is expected to become the party’s presidential candidate. RT’s Tabetha Wallace joins Lindsay France from the convention in Houston, Texas where she had the chance to speak with Stein’s potential running mate activist Ajamu Baraka who believes that if the Greens take “the momentum that was generated during Bernie Sanders’ campaign and the momentum from Stein’s last run, we can make significant change.” Hamtramck Michigan city council member Saad Almasmari also joins Lindsay to discuss the role of Muslim Americans in the 2016 election. Almasmari states that there is currently not enough political representation of American Muslims but believes that America will see more Muslims holding public office in the near future.