RT America -- August 04, 2016

“Democracy is dead in our country.” – Green Party Activist

It’s day one of the National Green Party Convention in Houston, Texas where Jill Stein is expected to become the party’s nominee. RT’s Tabatha Wallace speaks with anti-poverty activist and former Green Party vice presidential candidate Shelly Honkala. Honkala, who recently organized the 2016 DNC walkouts & protests, including the “national fart-in,” discusses her struggles regarding getting Western media coverage for her activism. Honkala states that “If it weren’t for international media, we wouldn’t know what’s happening in this country and that’s absolutely terrifying.” 

Afghani police can't deal with Taliban on its own -  Foreign Policy expert.

This past week there have been two attacks against Westerners carried out by the Taliban. Foreign policy expert Michael Kugleman, senior program associate at the Wilson center, joins RT’s Lindsay France stating that “The West has taken its eye off the ball” after the exit of American and coalition forces from the region. Kugleman continues to explain that the Taliban currently hold more territory than they do in 2001 and that Afghani forces are unable to deal with the Taliban on their own as the terrorist group continues to strengthen.