RT America -- July 29, 2016

‘Endless military interventions are the real Clinton legacy’ – James Carden
Would a Hillary Clinton presidency lead to a resurgence of the so-called “liberal” war hawk? James Carden, a contributing writer for The Nation magazine, joins RT America’s Manila Chan and says that the US’ interventionist impulse began under Bill Clinton, and Hillary’s tenure as Secretary of State shows that she tends to advocate “military rather than diplomatic solutions.”

Police release 911 call made before Charles Kinsey shooting 
A newly released tape of a 911 call made before Charles Kinsey was shot by North Miami police has been released to the public. The caller describes a Hispanic man holding gun to his head and a black man trying to help him. The caller later says she is “not sure” if it is a gun and that the Hispanic man appears “mentally ill.” RT correspondent Marina Portnaya reports from Miami, Florida.