RT America -- July 18, 2016

GOP seeks party unity at convention
Efforts by GOP delegates to change party rules and attempt to nominate another candidate disintegrated on the first day of the Republican National Convention. The Republican Party now looks to unify itself at the convention. Donald Trump supporter and US Representative Kevin Cramer (R- North Dakota) joins ‘News with Ed’ from the GOP convention in Cleveland and says that Trump will “present an optimistic future” for America at the RNC.

Baton Rouge Police intentionally targeted in ambush attack  
Louisiana State Police Superintendent Michael Edmonson confirmed at a press conference that Baton Rouge police officers “were intentionally targeted and assassinated“ by former marine, Gavin Long. The ambush attack left three police officers dead, and three more injured. RT America’s Alexey Yaroshevskey reports from Baton Rouge, Louisiana that one of the injured police officers is in a critical condition, fighting for his life and the mood in the city is grim.