RT America -- July 1, 2016

Obama admin says up to 116 civilians killed by US drone strikes
After years of pressure from human rights organizations, the Obama administration has released the civilian death toll from drone strikes in countries the US is not at war with. The report pegs the number of civilian deaths between 64 and 116 in countries such as Pakistan and Somalia. RT America’s Alexey Yaroshevsky reports that the death toll released by US government is much lower than the figures cited by other non-governmental organizations.

Mastermind of Istanbul attack is Chechen ISIS recruiter
The alleged brains behind the Ataturk airport attack in Istanbul, Turkey is one of Islamic State’s main recruiters in Russia and Europe, according to Turkish media. Akhmed Chatayev has been on Russia’s terror watch list since 2003, and joined IS in 2015. RT correspondent Nikki Aaron reports on Chatayev’s lengthy involvement in terrorist activities.