RT America -- June 27, 2016

Hillary Clinton’s contribution to the collapse of Libya, Africa’s wealthiest nation
The final congressional report on Benghazi found no wrong doing on the part of Hillary Clinton. This report, however, does not exonerate the former secretary of state for the intervention in Libya to topple Muammar Gaddafi which led to the failed state that Libya is today. Libya was once Africa’s most wealthy nation, but is now a terrorist haven with two rival governments and a civil war that has left thousands dead and cities in ruin. RT Arabic’s Reema Hamdiya reports.

Trade wars: Trump exploiting TPP schism within the DNC
If Donald Trump is going to win the White House, he’ll need every male white worker in America to vote for him, which is perhaps the reason he’s so heavily scrutinized the issue affecting that demographic the most: trade. Meanwhile, the schism of the TPP within the Democratic Party is in full view after the party rejected both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton’s objections to the deal. For more on the ongoing trade war within the party, conservative commentator Gina Loudon and radio host Joe Madison join “News With Ed.”