RT America -- June 24, 2016

Will Brexit vote embolden Trump?
Donald Trump was in Scotland the morning after the historic UK referendum in which the British voted to leave the European Union. The presumptive Republican presidential nominee said that Brexit meant Brits “want to be able to have a country again.” What impact will the historic vote mean have on American politics? RT America’s Manuel Rapalo reports on whether Trump can capitalize on the Brexit momentum.

Brexit sends economic shockwaves across the pond
In the wake of the historic referendum in the United Kingdom, world financial markets went into a tailspin. European, Asian and American stock markets all fell precipitously the morning after the British voted to leave the European Union. Will the economic reverberations from Brexit be a long term problem? ‘Boom Bust’ co-host Edward Harrison tells RT’s Bill Dod and RT America’s Ed Schultz that he believes this is a “one time market adjustment” and that markets will rebound.