RT America -- June 10, 2016

Iraqi army preparing to liberate Fallujah from ISIS
Iraqi forces are preparing to move into the Islamic State-controlled city of Fallujah for the first time in two years. Former Pentagon official Michael Maloof tells RT America’s Manila Chan that the Iraqi army may not be prepared for the urban warfare that lies ahead of them.

The presidential candidates’ big Twitter catfight - FishTank
The two presumptive presidential nominees had social media was abuzz this week. It all started when Hillary Clinton tweeted a video of President Barack Obama endorsing her for president. Donald Trump then responded with a tweet of his own that read, “Obama just endorsed Crooked Hillary. He wants four more years of Obama- but nobody else does!” Hillary then tweeted back at Trump, “Delete your account.” RT America’s Lindsay France is in the FishTank with more on the political drama that took place on social media this week.