RT America -- June 09, 2016

Bernie’s not backing down: Meets with Obama then holds rally in DC 
After a much-anticipated meeting with President Obama, Bernie Sanders held a rally in Washington, DC attended by thousands. Bernie isn’t backing down even after President Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton on twitter and revealed that he will be hitting the campaign trail with Clinton next week. RT correspondent Manila Chan reports live from the Bernie Sanders rally in DC where many of his supporters said they would never back Hillary, no matter what.

Will Trump take the whole GOP down with him?
Donald Trump met with top GOP donors in Washington, DC in a likely attempt to rally the base and assuage concerns from Republican Party members. Can Trump close the gap between him and the rest of the GOP before Election Day? Radio talk show host Michael Medved and editor of The Progressive Magazine Ruth Conniff join ‘News with Ed’ where they explain that Trump is not the kind of person that is going to be controlled by the GOP.