RT America -- June 06, 2016

Trump’s ‘Mexican judge’ indiscretion latest remark to leave him unharmed 
US District Court Judge Gonzalo Curiel, who is dealing with the Trump University California cases, unsealed a number of documents connected with the case after Trump criticized him at a San Diego campaign event for being “totally biased” and “unfair.” Now, Trump finds himself under increased scrutiny and accusations of racism. But can it hurt the candidate who blew through the nomination process with insults and cheap jabs? For more on this, Richard Viguerie, chairman of ConservativeHQ, joins ‘News With Ed.’

Clinton’s State Department sold weapons to Saudis while they donated to husband’s foundation 
The Clinton Foundation has received donations amounting to anywhere from $250 and less to upwards of $25 million dollars in the past. But who has that money come from? Governments and heads of state with longstanding human rights abuses have been givers, but also receivers; all this at a time when Hillary Clinton sat at the head of the US State Department and conducted arms deals with those nations. RT America’s Manila Chan has the story.