RT America -- June 03, 2016

Is the US doing enough for Middle East refugees?
Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson says that 4,700 Syrian refugees have been cleared to resettle in the US as nearly 8,000 still wait. RT America’s Alexey Yaroshevsky explains the proliferation of refugees throughout Syria and its neighboring countries, and takes a look at how the US compares to Europe and Canada in regards to refugee intake. Then, RT’s Peter Oliver breaks down recent United Nations estimate that more than 1,000 migrants are believed to have died this week crossing into Europe via the Mediterranean.

MSNB See-you-later!: Network sacks left-leaning anchors, shifts right
MSNBC served progressive-minded news to a mass audience for years, but it’s now restructuring its editorial agenda to compete with Fox News for conservative viewers. Some reporters have even claimed that the shift ‒ which included the sacking of progressive hosts and expansion of shows hosted by more conservative commentators – is not about ratings at all, but promoting a political agenda. To get his take, RT America’s Manila Chan speaks with legal and media analyst Lionel of LionelMedia.