RT America -- June 02, 2016

Clinton's attacks on Trump lacks vision, detail
In what was supposed to be a major speech on foreign policy, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton used the platform to attack Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. Rather than provide any insights into her policy ideas, Clinton challenged Trump’s credibility on foreign policy, saying that his ideas are “dangerously incoherent.” Former Pentagon official Michael Maloof joins ‘News with Ed,’ and says that Clinton’s speech completely lacked “strategic vision.”

OPEC Games: what high volume oil production means for world economy
The world oil market is flooded and OPEC wants to keep it that way. OPEC members say they are going to continue their high rates of oil production through the summer, in a likely attempt to drive weaker oil producers out of business. To discuss what the OPEC decision means for consumers, former Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Commissioner Bart Chilton joins ‘News with Ed.’