RT America -- May 24, 2016

Progressive platform wins big in DNC
Several weeks ago, the mainstream media and Clinton surrogates called for candidate Bernie Sanders to drop out of the race. Had he, it’s likely that the new additions to the Democratic National Convention’s Platform Committee would not have made it. Those additions include Palestinian activist James Zogby, Native American Deborah Parker, civil rights activist Cornel West, Congressman Keith Ellison, and environmentalist Bill McKibben. For more on this, Senior Sanders adviser Larry Cohen joins ‘News With Ed.’

Complete 180: Clinton worked with over a dozen govt agencies to sell fracking around the globe
Climate change has been a major focus of the Bernie Sanders campaign, and a major point of contention between him and his opponent Hillary Clinton has been fracking. Though Clinton is a vocal opponent of fracking in her 2016 presidential campaign, newly leaked emails reveal that she tried to export the practice to other countries during her time as secretary of state. For more on this, Farron Cousins, co-host of Ring of Fire Radio and Editor of Trial Lawyer Magazine joins ‘News With Ed’.