RT America -- May 17, 2016

‘We’re determined to prevent outsourcing’ – Verizon strike coordinator
The Obama administration is getting involved in Verizon’s labor dispute, which has seen some 39,000 workers on strike for over a month. The administration’s Labor Secretary met with union heads and Verizon’s CEO after the company made its final contract offer. Peter Sikora, the Verizon strike coordinator, joins “News With Ed” to discuss.

We tried to talk to Facebook for 1 ½yrs before ‘Trending’ story – Conservative leader
Still stinging from allegations that Facebook “suppressed” right-leaning topics in its trending news feed, the social network’s tech-oriented leader is courting an unusual crowd for a face-to-face meeting – high-profile conservatives. To delve deeper into the controversy, Ian Walters, Communications Director for the Conservative Union, and Brent Budowsky, columnist at The Hill, join “News With Ed.”