RT America -- May 06, 2016

Vietnamese still reeling from effects of Agent Orange
President Obama is schedule to travel to Vietnam at the end of May to talk about the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact, but his visit could serve as an opportunity to reflect on the Vietnam War – and specifically the toxic legacy of Agent Orange, used by the US military as a defoliant, RT America’s Manuel Rapalo reports. Then, Manila Chan is joined by journalist and Professor Marjorie Cohn to talk more about Obama’s visit.

Body cameras will condition us to police brutality – Lionel
Police use of body cameras is expected to expand drastically over the summer, as more and more cities across the US issue cameras to their officers. But much remains in the dark, such as how police will use them, and policies that do not adequately address privacy and civil rights concerns. For more on this, RT America’s Manila Chan is joined by legal and media analyst Lionel of LionelMedia.