RT America -- April 26, 2016

NC just made voting even harder 
Voter suppression has been a big issue in the country, and North Carolina in particular. RT America’s Lindsay France joins ‘News With Ed’ to break down the decision of a Federal District Court judge to repeal laws that allowed for more flexibility at the polls. Then, France speaks with Irv Joyner, attorney at the NAACP of North Carolina to get his take.

Sanders faces mounting pressure to concede 

The New York Times reported that the Sanders campaign would reassess their position after the five Acela primary states vote later in the night. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid chimed in, saying Sanders had no path towards the nomination. For more on this, ‘News With Ed’ is joined by Larry Cohen, a Sanders surrogate and former president of the Communication Workers of America. Cohen makes the case that the Sanders campaign is about making the Democratic Party ‘populous’ instead of ‘corporate,’ which he adds would be a big change for people like Reid.