RT America -- March 25, 2016

FishTank: GOP battle gets ugly between Trump and Cruz
The battle for the Republican presidential nomination is getting ugly, as top contenders Donald Trump and Ted Cruz go after each other’s personal lives, even bringing in their wives into the argument. Meanwhile, Democrats are voting in three states on Saturday, which could move Bernie Sanders ahead of Hillary Clinton in the Democratic delegate count. RT America’s Lindsay France discusses the race for the White House with political commentator Crystal Wright – and stay tuned for the second part of the interview with Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson.

Cruelest month: March saw 10 deadly global terrorist attacks
The bombings of Brussels’ Airport and a downtown metro station marked the tenth in a string of deadly terror attacks taking place throughout the world in the month of March alone, including deadly assaults in North Africa and Turkey. RT America’s Ashlee Banks takes a look at the timeline of terrorism.