RT America -- March 2, 2016

MSM obsessed with Trump, overlooking Sander’s campaign
While Super Tuesday proved to be a major win for the Clinton and Trump camps, critics say the mainstream media’s lack of Bernie Sanders coverage has hindered the Democratic hopeful and is tilting the race against the candidate. RT’s Ed Schultz is joined by Democracy for America’s Charles Chamberlain and The Nation’s John Nichols to take a look at how the media has failed the candidates.

Dying for more: Trump offers little substance on healthcare plan
Donald Trump’s campaign has not given a definite answer to America’s healthcare crisis, but along with repealing Obamacare, the businessman has assured the American public that he won’t let people “die in the streets.” RT’s Ed Schultz is joined by former healthcare insurance executive Wendell Potter to take a look at Trump’s lack of real healthcare plan.