RT America -- February 18, 2016

‘We’re in a new Cold War’ – Stephen Cohen on mounting US military on Russia border

The Obama administration’s and NATO’s recent ramp up of forces on the Russian border has raised many questions on why the mainstream media and the presidential campaigns have failed to acknowledge the growing military presence in the region. RT’s Ed Schultz speaks with Stephen F. Cohen, professor and author of The Nation article called “The Obama Administration Recklessly Escalates Confrontation With Russia,” about the situation.

‘We could fix climate change in 5 years’ – Dr. Reese Halter

While California endures a wet winter courtesy of El Nino, Africa is suffering through a brutal drought. All of these are signs of a larger problem with the environment, linked to climate changed and global warming, but can this damage be undone? RT’s Ed Schultz is joined by Dr. Reese Halter to discuss what’s happening and what is most affected by this damage.