RT America -- February 17, 2016

EU refugee plan more ‘military not humanitarian’ – HRW rep

WikiLeaks released hundreds of documents detailing the European Union’s plan to use naval and military actions to deal with refugees, something that Bill Frelick, director of Human Rights Watch, deems more of a military action than a humanitarian one. He joins RT’s Lindsay France to investigate the documents and what impact they could have.

Apple fights FBI on backdoor encryption; Univ. of California computers sneak by student privacy

Apple CEO Tim Cook is readying for a confrontation with the government after penning a scathing letter against the FBI for demanding the company help the agency mine data from the phone of one of the terrorist shooters in San Bernardino. Meanwhile, the University of California system has been allegedly tracking students’ information without their knowledge. RT’s Lindsay France speaks with Marina Portnaya and Brigida Santos about what’s happening in the tech industry.