RT America -- February 16, 2016

Vacant space: How Scalia’s death will impact this year’s Supreme Court cases

A number of crucial cases are still on the docket in the US Supreme Court, but the sudden passing of Justice Antonin Scalia has thrown not only the highest court in the nation, but also much of the US government, into turmoil as Republicans plan to block any nominations that President Obama is planning to make. RT’s Ed Schultz speaks with Attorney Tejinder Singh to get a full view of the new fight in the Supreme Court and its effects on the 2016 election.

Can the US improve Cuba’s human rights record through trade?

Former US Senator Byron Dorgan has been a longtime proponent of lifting the embargo the United States placed on Cuba. He explains to RT why improving relations between the two countries will improve the quality of life citizens of both nations. Afterwards, Ed Schultz and Simone Del Rosario discuss the Republican Party’s opposition to lifting the embargo.