RT America -- January 26, 2016

Fighting fire with oil: 3-way war for dominance 
Joining RT's Ed Schultz to discuss the state of oil production in 2016 is Marin Katusa, Fund Manager of the KCR Fund and a New York Times bestselling author, who breakdowns the battle for the global oil trade as being a war between  North America production, OPEC led by Saudi Arabia, and Russian production. Then, RT’s Simone Del Rosario discusses Saudi Arabia decades-old secret leverage – the amount of US debt owned by the Kingdom.

Michigan Governor Rick Snyder using dark money to pay for PR 
RT’s Ed Schultz sits down with Dan Kildee, a US representative (D-MI) to discuss Michigan Governor Rick Snyder’s launch of a public relations campaign to address the water crisis in Flint. Kildee says that Snyder has hired PR firms using Super PAC money to deal with the issue, adding that Snyder views it as a “public relations problem,” as opposed to a “public health crisis.”